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There is an unforgettable, called never forget. There is a goodbye, called never see again.


It takes courage to love someone, because he needs a lifetime of waiting.


The opportunity won't wait for you. It may not happen again after missing it.


What I love is not the person who used to be, but the years that used to be.


I just want to live in my experience, unwilling to accept the taste imposed by the night.


Perfection is not a virtue, and rejection is not a sin.


May you be a heroine who can cut through thorns and thorns and a beloved child.


You are the pain I dare not swear, I am your dispensable memory.


Cry, sometimes not because of weakness, but because of being strong for too long.


Be contented in life, know your shortcomings in work, and be contented in learning.


I just want to be myself, but I still fell to pieces.


The real happiness is not that you have more, but that you care less.


I've been too quiet and thinking too long in my life. I should act now.


Time is the answer. It proves everything and forgets everything.


If you don't give up, you'll still feel bad if you give up.


Wait a minute. I'm going to get a gift. Will you marry me.


You are everything when you are, everything is you when you are not!


I believe the fairy tale you wrote, and I become the blue flower in the fairy tale.


Wrong time, met the right person, but our fate is not enough.


If the secret lover is dumb, then the loved one is blind.


Tired? Tired is right. Comfort is for the dead!


People who don't want to fail are likely to fail themselves in the end.


You stop and go, but it has become the best scenery in my life.


The lamp of life is lit by enthusiasm, and the boat of life moves forward because of struggle.


To succeed, don't run with Marseille, ride on a horse and succeed immediately.


Don't be greedy, don't be open to criticism, and don't be addicted to music. If you don't put your mind at ease, you can get great peace.


I know. No one loves me even if there are many tears.


The next summer, the classroom was full of people, but it was no longer us.


The ups and downs along the way are not your bad luck, but your happiness comes later.


I like you best, more than strawberry.


There is a door in my heart, where the dreamer lives. Falling flowers and flowing water, who do you forget?


If you can't find the right person, it's likely that you can't change your wrong self.


I saw the light in her eyes, like the bright stars in summer.


Someone will always teach you to grow up, but the way is not worth your gratitude.


Don't turn over the past page, the dust will daze your eyes.


You said you would accompany me to the seaside on May Day. Have you forgotten?


The person who can't give up doesn't give you a knife or a hug.


I miss you very much, but it has nothing to do with you now.


I will wait for you to turn back, although I know you are also waiting for me to turn back.


Woman, I hold hands with you, I will only love you in this life.


Knowing that he was hurt, he said you don't have to feel that you owe me anything.


How I want to hold you and cry, and then leave all my nose and tears to you.


We should make other people's lives better because of your survival.


Our youth is so helpless that too many memories become sad.


Whether from now on, there is only a shallow smile between us who are strangers.


What a trivial reply, how happy it is for me.


A person standing on the roadside, watching you disappear in the lights.


Having been single for a long time, I suddenly found that I also think she is very beautiful recently.


I know you are also approaching me. All the stars are my gifts.


There is only such a you in the world, how can I not cherish it.


At this time, I am lonely and calm. I am no longer the cowardly I used to be.


Time runs across my cheek and takes away all my memories about you.


What you get and lose is like acting, one after another.


If nothing happens, it is the most cruel revenge, and I know that time is more cruel than breaking up.


Maybe the temperature is too cold to wake up and hug the pillow.


Loneliness is the shadow passing by me, smiling and saying deja vu to me.


I don't have any girlfriends. The crazy girls who accompanied me left.


You are the tenderness I don't give up in the fleeting years. You say my eyes are deeply printed with tenderness.


Don't envy other people's scenery. You have the ability to make a brilliant career yourself.


Meeting may not have an end, but it must be meaningful.


Run on a pathless journey and leave the streamer behind.


Silence is a philosophy of life. When used well, it is also an art.


Contentment is happiness, it is just a feeling, a feeling of peace.


Young people are crazy and dare to scold heaven and earth for their inhumanity, regardless of opportunity or curse.


I'm not afraid you're too popular. I'm just afraid you don't refuse to come.


Another parents' meeting was born and my time of death came.


What's the use of making her laugh? She goes to the person who makes her cry every day.


Time will not let me forget you, but let me get used to not having you.


I want to laugh heartlessly at the sun after crying.


Those who should come will always come. They can't avoid and escape. It's better to follow their heart.


The lover you can't get is the wind. If you force him to stay thousands of times, he will eventually go.


I'm not talented. I haven't won the favor of the girl. Don't blame me for disturbing the girl for a long time.


If I hate the world, I hate the world. Gossip comes and gossip goes. My beauty is haggard and my heart is cold.


I don't know if you're doing well now. Anyway, I'm not doing well at all.


Men cry is really love, women cry is really hurt.


Life is like shooting, you can miss, but you have to keep shooting.


Born well, your efforts are to succeed, and you are to live.


In this life, love lives up to Acacia, and flowers shake off tears.


Don't talk about the shortcomings of others, don't talk about your own strengths; One who scolds laughs, one who praises laughs.


All the time is used for hesitation, and only one moment is used for growth.


Broken Xia scattered color, the reflection of the setting sun, the cloud peak outside the sky, several leaning against each other.


I can't let go of love, but that doesn't mean I won't let go.


I want to be a snowman, through the four seasons, just to melt in your arms.


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